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Sonic Post-Apocalyptic Future Ch. 6

Chapter Six: A lost princess and a struggling family.

Somewhere in Castle Mobius, Eggman was onboard his ship. He needed to warn the people about a horde of undead that was about to attack.

Eggman: I must hurry. If I don't warn these people, Castle Mobius will fall.

Eggman's ship was hovering over the kingdom. He activated the ship's speakers and a microphone.

Eggman: Citizens of Castle Mobius! There is a great evil coming this way! I have ships coming to evacuate all of you! If you can hear me, prepare for evacuation! The ships will transport you to New Station Square! The city is being fortified and you'll all be safer there! Please, hurry! They'll be here soon!

After hearing the message, people were beginning to evacuate. Some people were unsure about what Eggman. Others aren't sure if they want to trust him. Eggman's robots were helping civilians evacuate from their homes and escorting them to the ships.

Meanwhile in the throne room, Sally Acorn was staring out her window. She was wearing blue jean shorts, blue boots, blue gloves, blue jean jacket, and a white shirt.

Sally: I should warn the others. If what Eggman said is true, it's not safe here anymore.

(Sally grabs a laser pistol, wrist blades and The Sword of Acorns then runs outside to warn the rest of the Freedom Fighters)

Sally: I hope they're safe.

Meanwhile, in a nearby lab, Queen Aleena was working on three robotic suits. She was wearing her dress, gloves, shoes, a brown hooded cloak, and a doctor coat.

Aleena: I must hurry and finish these suits. They're our only protection from what's going on. Sonia and Manic should be here as well.

Outside the castle, Sonia and Manic were gathering supplies. Sonia was wearing her outfit, gloves, shoes, and a military vest. Manic was wearing his orange vest, green shirt, blue jeans, his gloves and shoes and a police vest.

Manic: Think that's all the weapons we need?

Sonia: For now. We also got enough food, water and medicine that should last us a couple of months.

Sonia and Manic looked at the choices of weapons they had. Sonia took a Colt Python, M4A1 Assault rifle, broadsword, and combat knife. Manic chose a M9 pistol, aluminum baseball bat, wooden baseball bat, and Remington 870 shotgun.

Manic: What about Mom?

Sonia: She said she already got some weapons of her own. Now, let's hurry.

Sonia and Manic were heading for the castle's entrance when they hear the sound of banging. They look back to see the gate was being breached.

Manic: They're getting in.

Sonia: We got to move.

As Sonia and Manic ran back inside, they passed Sally Acorn. They both looked at her, wondering what's concerning her.

Sally was worried about her friends, especially Sonic. She looks to see a makeshift barricade in front of the castle. Some of the guards were fighting the zombies which either rifles or swords. She runs to them to see what's going on.

Sally: What's wrong, soldier?

Guard: Oh, Sally. Glad to see you're okay. We're setting up defenses until all the civilians are transported to safety.

Sally: Where's Eggman taking them?

Guard: A technologically advanced city called New Station Square. They'll be safe there.

Sally: Okay. Soon as everyone is onboard, be ready to leave. I'm going to alert the rest of the Freedom Fighters. Let them know what's going on.

Guard: Okay. There's a radio being set up right now. You can use that.

Sally: Thanks.

Suddenly, the gate breaks down and zombies were marching inside. The guards quickly got into position and prepared to fight back.

Sally: Open fire!

(The guards start shooting at the zombies with their rifles while others prepare to fight them with swords)

Sally: Hold them off for as long as you can!

(Sally gets the radio going)

Sally: To any fellow Freedom Fighters, this is Sally Acorn. We are facing an enemy like we've never seen before. If you hear this message, head for a city called, "New Station Square". It's safer there. May you all make it there safely and good luck to any survivors out there.

Meanwhile, Sonia and Manic were heading for a room and knocks on the door.

Aleena: Who is it?

Sonia: It's us, Mom. Open the door.

(Aleena opens the door)

Sonia and Manic walks in and looks to see three robotic suits. One was black and green with a drum symbol on the chest, one was black and purple with a piano symbol on the chest and one was black and blue with a guitar symbol on the chest.

Manic: What's all this, Mom?

Aleena: I made three robotic suits for each of us. Since we're going to be fighting in this fallen world, we need some protection. I was going to make one for Sonic as well, but...

(Aleena reaches into her pocket and pulls out a guitar medallion)

Aleena: I wish Sonic was here.

Manic: I still can't believe it. How long has it been since he disappeared?

Sonia: Sixteen years, maybe.

Aleena: The suits are powered by the medallions. I'll use Sonic's for my suit. Get yours on as well, take the supplies to the van and I'll meet you there.

(Sonia and Manic nods)

Later, Sonia and Manic were loading supplies onto the van. They both have their weapons and their robotic suits on.

Manic: I think that's everything.

Sonia: Mom should be here real soon.

Aleena comes back, wearing her robotic suit and carrying a M1911 handgun, fire axe, and Intervention sniper rifle. She also had a bag full of supplies.

Aleena: Okay, let's go.

They get in the van. When the door opens, they could see undead coming inside and countless guards fighting them.

Aleena: Let's leave this place.

(The van drives out of the kingdom, passing through all the chaos)

Meanwhile, Sally was fighting through the undead with some of the guards.

Guard: Sally, head for the escape vehicles! We'll hold them off!

Sally: I'm not leaving any of you behind!

Guard: Just go!

Sally just ran and she didn't look back. The guards kept fighting and some fell to the undead. Sally managed to find a armored truck that was loaded with supplies. There was food, water, medicine and a lot of guns and ammo. She also found some police riot gear.

Sally: Sweet. That's a lot of supplies. I better put on the riot gear, though. It might come in handy later.

(Sally sets her weapons down and puts the riot suit)

Sally: This will come in handy. Now to find the others.

(Sally suddenly hears screams)

Sally: I'm sorry. I wish I could've helped them.

(Sally starts the car)

Sally: No turning back now. I must find the others and stop this plague. I hope Sonic is okay, wherever he is.

Sally drives off, hoping to find the other Freedom Fighters.

To be continued...
Sonic Post-Apocalyptic Future Chapter Six
Well, it took me two or three weeks, but I've finally finished the sixth chapter of "Sonic Post-Apocalyptic Future". I'm also open to anyone who wants to do a comic or even sprite/flash animations of the series. Don't hesitate to ask me. Hope you all enjoy it.

Chapter 5:…

Chapter 7: Coming soon.

All characters belong to their respective owners.
Hello, my fellow deviants. I don't know if anyone sees this journal, but you're not going to believe the mind-blowing ideas I have.

Idea #1

Thoughts for Transformers. Here's one idea: I've been imagining the cars from the "Death Race" trilogy and the cars from the "Mad Max" films as, get this... Transformers robots. How cool would that be?

Idea #2

Pokémon Post-Apocalyptic Future. I've been working on some ideas of a post-apocalyptic version of Pokémon. I might submit them sometime this weekend. Depends if I have time.

Idea #3

Akame Ga Kill cosplay. I saw this anime called, "Akame Ga Kill" and it was mind-blowing. I tell you, the weapons and attacks in them got my attention. I began thinking of something. To some of my friends, what would your OC's look like as the cast of "Akame Ga Kill" and which Teigu A.K.A. Imperial Arms would you all think be the best choice for your character(s). I think it would be so cool and even fun for some of you. I might have some thoughts about which OC will be which character, but I'm not sure what your opinions are for them. Here's a list of the characters, along with some information about them. (I will edit this journal, depending on which OC will be which character)…

Edit: I'll update more of the list of the cast of "Akame Ga Kill" and add the Imperial Arms as well sometime this week, depends on how busy I am.

Night Raid

Tatsumi, Akame, Mine, Leone, Sheele, Lubbock, Bulat, Najenda, Susanoo, and Chelsea.

Night Raid Imperial Arms/Teigu

One Cut Killer: Murasame (used by Akame), Roman Artillery: Pumpkin (used by Mine), Animal King Form: Lionelle (used by Leone), Cutter of Creation: Extase (used by Sheele), Infinite Uses: Cross Tail (used by Lubbock), Demon Armor: Incursio (used by Bulat and Tatsumi), The Speed of Lightning: Susanoo (used by Najenda), Phantasmagoria: Gaea Foundation (used by Chelsea).


The Emperor, Prime Minister Honest, Zank the Beheader, Three Beasts, Bolic, Holimaca, Gozuki, Four Rakshasa Demons of the Imperial Fist Temple, Budo and Wild Hunt.

Empire Imperial Arms/Teigu

Omnipotent Five Sights: Spectator (used by Zank the Beheader), The Mysterious: Adayusu (used by Holimaca), Thunder God's Rage: Adramelech (used by Budo).

Three Beasts

Daidara, Nyau, and Liver.

Three Beasts Imperial Arms/Teigu

Double-Bladed Axe: Belvaac (used by Diadara), Military Music Dream: Scream (used by Nyau), Water Dragon Possession: Black Marlin (used by Liver).

Four Rakshasa Demons of the Imperial Fist Temple

Ibara, Sten, Mez and Suzuka.

The Jaegers

Esdeath, Seryu Ubiquitous, Run, Kurome, Bols, Wave and Dr. Stylish.

The Jaegers Imperial Arms/Teigu

Demon God Manifestation: Demon's Extract (used by Esdeath), Magical Beast Transformation: Hekatonkheires (used by Seryu Ubiquitous), Thousands Miles Flight: Mastema (used by Run), March of the Dead: Yatsufusa (used by Kurome), Purgatory's Invitation: Rubicante (used by Bols), Carnage Incarnate: Grand Chariot (used by Wave), Glorious Hands of God: Perfector (used by Dr. Stylish).

Wild Hunt

Syura, Champ, Cosmina, Dorothea, Enshin and Izou.

Wild Hunt Imperial Arms/ Teigu

Dimensional Formation: Shambhala (used by Syura), Ace Solution: Die Leaguer (used by Champ), Earth Shaker: Heavy Pressure (used by Cosmina), Blood Collection: Absorbdex (used by Dorothea), Moonlight Sword Dance: Shamshir (used by Enshin)


Tatsumi's sword, Esdeath's rapier, Seryu's arms which were replaced with a set of interchangeable weapons created by Dr. Stylish, Izou's  katana, "Kōsetsu".

Also, if anyone's interested, you're welcome to draw them. I'm not much of an artist. Plus, the requests of my OC's and the post-apocalyptic version of the Sonic Heroes as well which I mentioned in a previous Journal.

NewsHello, my fellow deviants. First of all, happy summer to all of you! Second, I have some bad news. I hate you tell you all this, but I'm going to be a little inactive for most of the summer. My folks and I have a lot of work and plans to do over the summer and I won't be making much time on DeviantArt for most of the summer. I'm not leaving DA, don't get me wrong. I'm just not going to make much time on it for a while until further notice. However, I will leave some requests, if anyone's interested in doing any. My requests are if anyone wants to draw the Sonic Heroes during a post-apocalyptic future and J.C. the Hybrid's family. I won't even mind if they're in sprite format or even Garry's Mod.  (J.C. the Hybrid is my OC. Plus, his family.) Here's some links to them.

Anyway, hope you all like my ideas and have a great time on what's left of the summer.
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