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Hello, my fellow deviants. I don't know if anyone sees this journal, but you're not going to believe the mind-blowing ideas I have.

Idea #1

Thoughts for Transformers. Here's one idea: I've been imagining the cars from the "Death Race" trilogy and the cars from the "Mad Max" films as, get this... Transformers robots. How cool would that be?

Idea #2

Pokémon Post-Apocalyptic Future. I've been working on some ideas of a post-apocalyptic version of Pokémon. I might submit them sometime this weekend. Depends if I have time.

EDIT: Here's the ideas. Sorry if they took a while. Things got in the way and I was running out of ideas.

Pokemon Post-Apocalyptic FuturePokémon Post-Apocalyptic Future
Hi. I had some crazy thoughts about what Pokémon would look like post-apocalyptic style. I haven't got much thought into it, but here's some ideas I planned out so far.
Ash and Pikachu
Ash and Pikachu have been together for a long time. After an encounter with Team Rocket, a mysterious virus came, turning human and Pokémon into undead creatures. They feared Team Rocket are the ones responsible and made their way in a Team Rocket base. After it was destroyed, Team Rocket was scattered. However, Ash lost his right arm, but was given a robotic one with different attack styles and abilities that resembles different Pokémon. Pikachu on the other hand, had a lightning bolt shaped scar over his left eye and a red scarf around his neck. They both set off on a journey to stop Team Rocket, find their friends and eliminate the virus before human and Pokémon fall into extinction.
Ash's Pokémon
After the virus came, all of Ash's Pok

Idea #3

Akame Ga Kill cosplay. I saw this anime called, "Akame Ga Kill" and it was mind-blowing. I tell you, the weapons and attacks in them got my attention. I began thinking of something. To some of my friends, what would your OC's look like as the cast of "Akame Ga Kill" and which Teigu A.K.A. Imperial Arms would you all think be the best choice for your character(s). I think it would be so cool and even fun for some of you. I might have some thoughts about which OC will be which character, but I'm not sure what your opinions are for them. Here's a list of the characters, along with some information about them. (I will edit this journal, depending on which OC will be which character)…

Edit: I'll update more of the list of the cast of "Akame Ga Kill" and add the Imperial Arms as well sometime this week, depends on how busy I am.

Night Raid

Tatsumi, Akame, Mine, Leone, Sheele, Lubbock, Bulat, Najenda, Susanoo, and Chelsea.

Night Raid Imperial Arms/Teigu

One Cut Killer: Murasame (used by Akame), Roman Artillery: Pumpkin (used by Mine), Animal King Form: Lionelle (used by Leone), Cutter of Creation: Extase (used by Sheele), Infinite Uses: Cross Tail (used by Lubbock), Demon Armor: Incursio (used by Bulat and Tatsumi), The Speed of Lightning: Susanoo (used by Najenda), Phantasmagoria: Gaea Foundation (used by Chelsea).


The Emperor, Prime Minister Honest, Zank the Beheader, Three Beasts, Bolic, Holimaca, Gozuki, Four Rakshasa Demons of the Imperial Fist Temple, Budo and Wild Hunt.

Empire Imperial Arms/Teigu

Omnipotent Five Sights: Spectator (used by Zank the Beheader), The Mysterious: Adayusu (used by Holimaca), Thunder God's Rage: Adramelech (used by Budo).

Three Beasts

Daidara, Nyau, and Liver.

Three Beasts Imperial Arms/Teigu

Double-Bladed Axe: Belvaac (used by Diadara), Military Music Dream: Scream (used by Nyau), Water Dragon Possession: Black Marlin (used by Liver).

Four Rakshasa Demons of the Imperial Fist Temple

Ibara, Sten, Mez and Suzuka.

The Jaegers

Esdeath, Seryu Ubiquitous, Run, Kurome, Bols, Wave and Dr. Stylish.

The Jaegers Imperial Arms/Teigu

Demon God Manifestation: Demon's Extract (used by Esdeath), Magical Beast Transformation: Hekatonkheires (used by Seryu Ubiquitous), Thousands Miles Flight: Mastema (used by Run), March of the Dead: Yatsufusa (used by Kurome), Purgatory's Invitation: Rubicante (used by Bols), Carnage Incarnate: Grand Chariot (used by Wave), Glorious Hands of God: Perfector (used by Dr. Stylish).

Wild Hunt

Syura, Champ, Cosmina, Dorothea, Enshin and Izou.

Wild Hunt Imperial Arms/ Teigu

Dimensional Formation: Shambhala (used by Syura), Ace Solution: Die Leaguer (used by Champ), Earth Shaker: Heavy Pressure (used by Cosmina), Blood Collection: Absorbdex (used by Dorothea), Moonlight Sword Dance: Shamshir (used by Enshin)


Tatsumi's sword, Esdeath's rapier, Seryu's arms which were replaced with a set of interchangeable weapons created by Dr. Stylish, Izou's  katana, "Kōsetsu".

Also, if anyone's interested, you're welcome to draw them. I'm not much of an artist. Plus, the requests of my OC's and the post-apocalyptic version of the Sonic Heroes as well which I mentioned in a previous Journal.

NewsHello, my fellow deviants. First of all, happy summer to all of you! Second, I have some bad news. I hate you tell you all this, but I'm going to be a little inactive for most of the summer. My folks and I have a lot of work and plans to do over the summer and I won't be making much time on DeviantArt for most of the summer. I'm not leaving DA, don't get me wrong. I'm just not going to make much time on it for a while until further notice. However, I will leave some requests, if anyone's interested in doing any. My requests are if anyone wants to draw the Sonic Heroes during a post-apocalyptic future and J.C. the Hybrid's family. I won't even mind if they're in sprite format or even Garry's Mod.  (J.C. the Hybrid is my OC. Plus, his family.) Here's some links to them.

Anyway, hope you all like my ideas and have a great time on what's left of the summer.
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I'm a gamer. A big fan of Sonic the Hedgehog. I'm always friendly. I get along with everyone. I give helpful advice. I try the best I can.

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