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The Ashtounding Race Episode Two Part Two

Bayleef and Quilava were choosing the spices.

Bayleef: Is this cinnamon? (Bayleef sniffs and then sneezes) Definitely cinnamon.

Bayleef and Quilava chose the other spices as Gliscor and Gible arrived. Meanwhile, Heracross and Noctowl flew through the desert, carrying Numel.


Heracross: We thought it would be a good idea to carry Numel.

Noctowl: With the desert being this hot, you'd think they leave water or something.

Heracross: Maybe when we win the money, we could use it for something like that.

Noctowl: I like the way you think.

(End Interview)

As Gliscor and Gible receive their spices and head for one of the Numels, Clemont and Bunnelby were waiting by a restaurant. Greninja and Hawlucha are the first ones to arrive.

Bunnelby: Looks like Greninja and Hawlucha are the first ones to arrive.

Greninja: There's the restaurant and the Pikachu Tip Box.

(Greninja hops off of Numel and runs to the Pikachu Tip box while Hawlucha falls off, sweating from the heat)

Hawlucha: Someone turn off the sun. I can't take the heat any longer.

(Greninja hits the Poke Ball shaped button and received the next travel tip)

Greninja: According to the tip, it's a Botch or Watch. It says, "Just Stew it".

Hawlucha: That's only a challenge one of us has to do, right?

Greninja: According to the tip, yes. (reads the tip) Hand your spices to Clemont and Bunnelby, so they can mix them in a bowl of Moroccan stew which one team member has to eat. When you finish the stew, run to the chill zone.

Ash and Pikachu were at the chill zone.

Ash and Pikachu: Because the last team who meets us here may be cut of the race.

(Clemont hands Greninja and Hawlucha the Moroccan stew)

Hawlucha: You do it. I'm so hot from this heat, I can't even take one sip of it.

Greninja: Very well.

Hawlucha: I just hope we picked the right spices or this could get ugly fast.

Greninja: You and me both.

Greninja and Hawlucha leave as Talonflame, Noibat, Bulbasaur and Snivy arrive at the restaurant. Meanwhile, Donphan and Scraggy were trying to get Numel back on its feet when Gliscor and Gible passed by on their Numel.

Gliscor: I don't wish to overstep, but it's easier to ride the Numel.

Donphan: Well, thank you very much!

Gible: You're welcome.

(Gliscor and Gible passed by Heracross and Noctowl)

Gliscor: Good day to you both.

Most of the other teams were catching up on Numels while those who arrive at the restaurant began having the Moroccan stew. Talonflame was having the Moroccan stew.


Noibat: (sighs) Talonflame... (looks at the camera) Oh, you're probably wondering why I feel close to Talonflame. Back when it was Fletchinder, it used Warm Body to heat up my egg, thus causing the hatching process to speed up. It even helped me with my flying, same goes for Hawlucha. We've even entered a flying competition for Flying-Type Pokémon. We came in second, but it really helped me gain courage afterwards.

(End Interview)

Talonflame held up the empty bowl and Noibat hugs Talonflame.

Talonflame: Come on, we're the first team. If we hurry, we can reach the chill zone.

Noibat: Right behind you.

As Talonflame and Noibat flew off, Swellow and Staraptor received the Moroccan stew. Behind them was Oshawott, Pignite, Boldore, Krookodile, Buizel and Corphish. Kingler and Muk arrived as well and they were thrown off Numel.

(Greninja was drinking the Moroccan stew while Hawlucha was looking at the other teams)

Hawlucha: The other teams aren't too far behind. Think you can finish the stew before the others catch up?

Greninja: I don't think, I know.

Glalie, Totodile, Snivy, Boldore, Staraptor, Pignite, Torterra, Leavanny, Quilava, Sceptile and Buizel were drinking the Moroccan stew.

Swellow: Come on, Staraptor, show that stew what you're made of.

Snivy: Hey, Bulbasaur, since Totodile and I are drinking this Moroccan stew, why don't you and Squirtle tell us how you met Ash?

Totodile: Yeah, it'll be nice to hear some backstory about you guys while we're having this.

Bulbasaur: Well, when I first met Ash, I was a bodyguard at a hidden village for sick, injured and abandoned Pokémon. I eventually joined Ash and after countless battles and adventures together, he let me stay at Professor Oak's Lab as an ambassador. I've been helping Professor Oak with countless Pokémon there, including all of you.

Snivy: Wow. I can see why you joined Ash.

Totodile: What about you, Squirtle?

Squirtle: Well, I'm the leader of "Squirtle Squad". We were a group of deserted Squirtles and we use to cause mischief around town. But, when Team Rocket caused a forest fire using bombs, we put out the fire and eventually, we became the town's fire department. I also joined Ash. He had my team help people and saved my life back then.

Totodile: Amazing.


Bulbasaur: Even though we're both opposite teams, Squirtle and I have been best friends since the Kanto region. It would've been fun to do this as a team.

Squirlte: For Bulbasaur and I, we're such good friends, we don't even care which one of us wins this race. Maybe someday, we could become a team, but who knows.

Totodile: I'm surprised how strong their friendship is. Squirtle reminds me of myself sometimes.

Snivy: The way their friendship is reminds me of mine with Oshawott. Maybe I could become good friends with Bulbasaur someday.

(End Interview)

Snorlax is eating the Moroccan stew and its face turned red and was also sweating.

Snorlax: I think you picked the wrong spices.

Charizard: Come on, I've seen the way you eat. You practically have an iron stomach.

(Torterra grunts)

Infernape: You can do it, Torterra!


Torterra: I think I chose some of the wrong spices.

Infernape: Well, we got a few right.

(End Interview)

Greninja and Snivy finished the Moroccan stew and with Hawlucha and Bulbasaur, they ran.

Bulbasaur: Later, Squirtle.

Squirtle: See you at the chill zone, Bulbasaur.

(Snivy and Bulbasaur runs past Oshawott and Pignite)

Oshawott: You know, Pignite, I'm glad Snivy is in this race.

Pignite: Why do you say that, Oshawott?

Oshawott: She's smart, fast, determined...

(Snivy smiles as she hears this)

Oshawott: And Iris' Emolga was busy.

(Snivy was surprised)


Snivy: I don't normally talk about this, but Iris' Emolga and I have been rivals since Unova. You wouldn't believe how many times she used Attract on other Pokémon, especially my own teammates.

(End Interview)

Unfezant: Careful, Sceptile. You don't want to drop the stew.

Sceptile: I'm careful. I could drink this with my eyes closed, if I have to.

(Buizel almost chokes on the stew and sprays Corphish in the face)

Corphish: You alright?!

Buizel: Yeah, I think so. Must've drank it a little too fast. (Buizel inhales) I think I'm okay now.

Corphish: Good. Focus on the challenge.

Back with Talonflame and Noibat, they were flying through the desert, looking for the chill zone.

Talonflame: See the chill zone yet?

Noibat: I don't think... Wait, there it is!

They look to see a couple of palm trees and there was the chill zone with Ash and Pikachu waiting for them. Talonflame and Noibat flew towards it and landed.

Ash: Welcome to the chill zone, Talonflame and Noibat.

Pikachu: Congratulations, you're the first team to arrive.

(Talonflame and Noibat cheered)


Talonflame: It was shocking to come in first. I mean, I knew we make a great team and all.

Noibat: But, first place on the first part of the race? Wow!

(End Interview)

Meanwhile, Snorlax finishes the Moroccan stew, but was extremely hot.

Snorlax: Need... WATER!

Snorlax sees the Numel drooling and runs towards it. Charizard was shocked about what happened next. Snorlax drinks the Numel's drool and sighs of relief, glad to put out the hot taste of the Moroccan stew. Corphish and Buizel saw this and Buizel gags.

(Buizel points at his mouth and Corphish was shocked, placing a claw over Buizel's mouth)

Corphish: Do not spit that out, Buizel, or we'll lose!

(Buizel couldn't speak as he tries not to puke)

Corphish: Swallow it! I know it's risky, but it's our only option.

(Buizel swallows)

Buizel: Okay, that was less spicy than the stew. Better than losing, though.

Boldore, Pignite, Torterra and Quilava gagged from seeing this. AS they did, Gliscor, Gible, Heracross and Noctowl arrived at the restaurant.

Gible: We have to eat our own barf?

Gliscor: I highly doubt that's what the other teams are doing.

Meanwhile, Greninja and Hawlucha were running for the chill zone. Greninja grunts and holds its stomach in pain.

Hawlucha: What's wrong?

Greninja: I think the stew's giving me a stomach cramp.

Hawlucha: Here, I'll carry you. Least until the pain goes away.

Greninja: Please tell me you're joking.

Hawlucha: You'll thank me when we reach the chill zone.

Bulbasaur and Snivy were catching up to them when they crashed into a palm tree.

Bulbasaur: Well, that hurt.

Snivy: You think?

Hawlucha: Later, Grass-Types.

Bulbasaur: They may not know this, but I'm also a Poison-Type.

Back with the other teams, Totodile and Staraptor finished the Moroccan stew and they, along with Kingler, Muk, Squirtle and Swellow set off to find the chill zone. Greninja, Hawlucha, Bulbasaur and Snovy were closing in on the chill zone.

Greninja: I think the pain's gone. You can put me down.

Hawlucha: No time. We're close to the chill zone.

The two teams passed the two palm trees, closing in on the chill zone.

Hawlucha: I'm going to throw you. Get ready.

Greninja: Do it.

(Hawlucha throws Greninja and makes it onto the rug)

Pikachu: You both really know how to make an entrance.

Ash: You're in second place.

Greninja and Hawlucha: Yeah! (They both gave themselves a high five)

Pikachu: And Bulbasaur and Snivy, you're in third place.

Snivy: You're kidding me. Third place?

Bulbasaur: Better than being in last place.

Ash: And here comes more of the teams.

Kingler and Muk came in fourth place, Swellow and Staraptor came in fifth place, Squirtle and Totodile came in sixth place, Torkoal and Glalie came in seventh place, Snorlax and Charizard came in eighth place, Oshawott and Pignite came in ninth place, Unfezant and Sceptile came in tenth place and Torterra and Infernape came in eleventh place.

Torterra: Eleventh?! You serious?

Infernape: Better than being the first team to get eliminated.

Back at the restaurant, Scraggy was waiting for Donphan who was sweating from carrying Numel. Leavanny and Buizel finished the Moroccan stew and with Palpitoad and Corphish, they ran to the chill zone.


Donphan was leaning against Numel, exhausted.

Scraggy: Honestly, I faced a lot of tough battles before this race and I'm unsure if this will help me and Donphan, but since we're here, there is no way we're going to be the first team to get kicked out of the race.

(End Interview)

Meanwhile, Bayleef and Quilava reached the chill zone.

Ash: Bayleef and Quilava, you're in twelfth place.

Bayleef and Quilava: WHOO-HOO!

Palpitoad and Leavanny came in thirteenth place, Boldore and Krookodile came in fourteenth place and Corphish and Buizel came in fifteenth place.

Pikachu: That leaves Heracross and Noctowl, Gliscor and Gible and Donphan and Scraggy.

(Gible and Heracross were drinking the Moroccan stew while Scraggy and Donphan were waiting on the stew)

Ash: One of these three teams will be heading home.

Donphan: Think we got the right spices?

Scraggy: Hope so.

They received the Moroccan stew when a fly flew towards it and caught on fire.

Both: Whoa.

(Donphan and Scraggy ran to the other two teams)

Scraggy: Alright, you better hurry and down that stew. We're close to being in last place.

Donphan: If I don't make it, tell Ash it was fun battling beside him and the other Pokémon that it was nice knowing them.

Gliscor and Gible finished the stew and set off for the chill zone.


Gliscor: This was easy for Gible. I let him have the Moroccan stew because back in Shinnoh, he trashed a whole park, Barry's bike and a Team Rocket robot with his teeth. The guy's like a walking trash can. He'll eat anything.

(End Interview)

Donphan took a deep breath.

Donphan: Here goes.

Donphan drinks the Moroccan stew. As it does, Heracross finished the stew and flies off with Noctowl to the chill zone. Donphan finished when it suddenly went blind.

Donphan: Oh, no. I think one of the spices gave me temporary blindness. I can't see!

(Scraggy grabs Donphan's nose)

Scraggy: We can have nurse Joy look at you later. For now, We need to head for the chill zone. Come on!

Gliscor and Gible looked to see Heracross and Noctowl catching up to them. They both looked at each other and knew what they had to do.

Gible: You thinking what I'm thinking?

Gliscor: You bet.


Gible: The other two teams were catching up to us, so we had one option.

Gliscor: Use our attacks. It may be our only choice.

(End Interview)

Gible used Draco Meteor and Gliscor used X-Scissor. However, to their surprise, their attacks missed the two teams and hits a cactus and giant rock. The two teams passed by Gliscor and Gible.

Gible: Well, that didn't work.

Gliscor: It was worth a try. Hurry!

They both took of towards the chill zone. The three teams were racing towards the chill zone. They were closing in on Ash and Pikachu. The first team to make it was Heracross and Noctowl.

Ash: Congrats, Heracross and Noctowl. You're in sixteenth.

Pikachu: And here comes Donphan and Scraggy. You're in seventeenth place.


Noctowl: Looks like we're still in the race.

Heracross: I guess nice guys finish almost last.

Donphan: Seventeenth place? We should really do better next time.

Scraggy: At least we're not the first team to be eliminated.

(End Interview)

Gliscor and Gible were the last team to reach the chill zone.

Ash: Gliscor, Gible, I'm sorry to tell you guys this, but you're the last team to arrive.

Pikachu: Looks like you're both out of the race.

Gible: I had a feeling we wouldn't make it.

(Gliscor just shrugged)

Gliscor: It was fun while it lasted.

(Footage of Gliscor and Gible plays)

Gible: I think we could've done better.

Gliscor: We got to do a lot of things we never tried before, so that's something.

Gible: I'm glad we did this together.

Gliscor: Yeah, we can share these memories forever.

(Footage ends)

Gliscor flies off into the sunset with Gible on its back.

Gible: So, what should we do now?

Gliscor: Well, we can head back to Professor Oak's Lab and cheer the others on.

Gible: Sounds good.

Gliscor: At least you don't have to walk home.
Hey, everyone. First of all, Happy New Year! Second, I don't know if anyone sees this journal but I have a lot of plans for the new year. I have some many thoughts for stories, I don't even know what to do with them. Plus, I'm more concerned about the work I have to do around home, along with my job. In case anyone asks, my job is working at a bowling stadium. Mostly, janitorial stuff. Anyway, here's a list of some thought I got planned for the new year. If there's time for any of them.

1. Sonic Zombie World.

To be honest, I was running out of ideas. I had so many thoughts for the other series, I can't even focus on one. Hopefully, if I get more ideas for it, I'll get around to doing more.

2. The Ashtounding Race.

This is a new series I got planned for the year. It's based on The Ridonculous Race  but with Pokémon characters and some very interesting twists. I'm also thinking about switching the roles around, too. I'm also open to anyone who has any opinions about which Pokémon could play as which team. Also, the twenty-six countries for the race around the world. I'm thinking the same ones from The Ridonculous Race, but I'm open to anyone who wants to help me out with ideas for it. Believe me, it's not easy memorizing all the cities, regions and any other areas from the Pokémon universe. Also, in case anyone doesn't know what I'm talking about, here's a journal about it.

Total Darma: The Ridonculous RaceHello, my fellow deviants. I just watched this new show called, "Total Drama: The Ridonculous Race" and I must say, it's cool. It's about eighteen different teams who race around the world through twenty-six countries. Kind of reminds of "Amazing Race". But, that's another story. Anyway, I thought about doing a fan series of "The Ridonculous Race" Pokémon style. At first, I started thinking about a Sonic version with my OC's, along with your own would look like as the cast. Well, in the same situation. However, I lost interest in that idea. Originally, I had the idea for your OC's and mine as the cast from Pahkitew Island, but... well, long story short, I lost motivation for it. That, plus, writer's block, along with working on a few other series I was trying to catch up on and a new job.
Anyway, here's what I got for it. Ash Ketchum and Pikachu, along with all of Ash's friends are hosting a race around the world for one million dollars. The eighteen teams that are chosen for

3. Sonic Post-Apocalyptic Future.

This is actually a great series I had planned last year. I managed to work on some of it, but I've been so busy with work, I barely even had time to work on half a story. I even had some cool character designs written down. Unfortunately, I'm not much of an artist. If anyone wants to draw them, feel free to ask. Here's a link, in case anyone's going to ask about it.…

4. Pokémon Post-Apocalyptic Future.

To be honest, the idea itself really sounded awesome. I had a lot of ideas for the Pokémon team, human and Pokémon alike. I also had thoughts about a story series, but I'm not even sure if I'll get around to that. I mean, I have some thoughts, but still... Plus, I'm open to anyone who's interested in drawing some of the character designs I got. Here's a couple of links about them.

Pokemon Post-Apocalyptic FuturePokémon Post-Apocalyptic Future
Hi. I had some crazy thoughts about what Pokémon would look like post-apocalyptic style. I haven't got much thought into it, but here's some ideas I planned out so far.
Ash and Pikachu
Ash and Pikachu have been together for a long time. After an encounter with Team Rocket, a mysterious virus came, turning human and Pokémon into undead creatures. They feared Team Rocket are the ones responsible and made their way in a Team Rocket base. After it was destroyed, Team Rocket was scattered. However, Ash lost his right arm, but was given a robotic one with different attack styles, abilities and elements that resembles different Pokémon. He also had a Poke Ball necklace that was a gift from his friends, believing it would give him luck. Pikachu on the other hand, had a lightning bolt shaped scar over his left eye and a red scarf with a yellow Poke Ball on it around his neck. They both set off on a journey to stop Team Rocket, find their frien

Pokemon Post-Apocalyptic Future Ash's PokemonPokémon Post-Apocalyptic Future Ash's Pokémon
Hey, remember my thoughts of Pokémon, post-apocalyptic style? Well, I've been thinking about doing some appearances of Ash's Pokémon. I know I already mentioned how Pikachu would look. He has a lightning bolt shaped scar over his left eye and a red scarf with a yellow Poke Ball on it around his neck, in case anyone asks. Anyway, here's what I got.
Appearance: A lightning bolt shaped scar over his left eye and a red scarf with a yellow Poke Ball on it around his neck.
Ash's Pokémon #1 (Kanto)
Appearance: Black neckerchief with a green and violet Poke Ball on it, a dark green medical bag, an x-shaped scar on his chest and a leaf-shaped eye over his left eye.
Bio: Bulbasaur was a bodyguard for a hidden village and an ambassador for Professor Oak's Lab. He's been watching over the Pokémon like a family. When the virus came, he's been evacuating people to Pallet Town. His left eye was damaged due t

5. J.C. the Hybrid An Angel's Origin.

Hard to explain about this. This series is actually about the origin of my OC, J.C. the Hybrid. It explains about how he got his abilities, his cybernetic limbs and why his family disappeared. However, after I started working, I barely have time for it. I'm even having thoughts about rewriting the series all together. Plus, thoughts for a new title. I'm thinking either J.C. the Hybrid's Origin or The Origin of J.C. the Hybrid. Heck, I'm even thinking about giving J.C. a new bio. If there's time for that. I even made a DBZ and Star Wars version of him and Suki the Wolf, my other OC. I also worked on J.C.'s family. IF anyone wants to draw them, don't hesitate to ask. Here's a link to the family, in case anyone's interested.…

Well, that's all I got for the coming of the new year. Depends if I have time for any of them. I mean, I have so many ideas going on in my head all at once, I don't know where to put them and I can't even think straight, to be honest. And not just because I'm autistic. Anyway, hopefully, I might have time for a least some of them. Oh, and may the rest of you have a great new year.

Oh, one last thing I nearly forgot. Did you guys know that Samurai Jack is coming back in 2016? It's one of the most awesome shows on Cartoon Network ever. Haven't seen it again since I was like... fourteen, give or take. The show's coming back after ten years, more or less. In case you don't believe me, here's a link that'll explain it.…
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