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Sonic Post-Apocalyptic Future Ch. 3

Chapter Three: The Nightmare Returns.

Ten years came and went since the fall of Station Square. The Sonic Heroes were still missing and New Station Square was moving along peacefully. Then one day, the president was working in his office when he hears gunshots. Suddenly, the door was kicked opened and in walks Chris Thorndyke. He was wearing red and black sports armor, a black and gray biker jacket, black gloves, black and orange shades, blue jeans, red and white shirt, and blue and white sneakers. He was also carrying a broadsword, Ambrose shotgun, desert eagle and colt python.

Chris: Mr. President!

President: Chris? What are you doing here?

Chris: The zombies are back!

President: What?!

Chris: Quick, we need to get you to safety!

President: Wait, who's "we"?

Chris: I'll explain along the way! Now, come on!

The president follows Chris through the hallway. They reached the rooftop and there stood Francis, Danny and Helen. Francis was wearing orange and black sports armor, a red and blue jacket, pink and light blue shirt, blue jeans, and red and white sneakers. She was carrying an axe, a 9mm handgun and an MP5K sub-machine gun. Danny was wearing green and black sports armor, a red and black shirt, dark blue jeans, and blue and green sneakers. He was carrying a baseball bat with nails in it, an M9 handgun and a M-16 assault rifle. Helen was wearing blue and black sports armor, a gray and pink jacket, yellow and light blue shirt, gray pants and pink and white sneakers. She was carrying a Savage 110 hunting rifle, a Beretta handgun, and a machete. She also had mechanical legs.

President: You brought your friends with you?

Chris: Well, Topaz and the Commander said they were going to come, but there was trouble at the G.U.N. Base. I had to bring Danny, Francis and Helen with me.

Francis: We came here to get you out of here.

President: But, where are you taking me?

Danny: New Station Square. It's being fortified as we speak.

President: Okay. As long as it's safe.

Suddenly, a few zombies came in through the doorway.

Helen: Get down!

The president ducks and the others shoot the zombies. After they went down, Helen walks towards the group of fallen zombies.

Danny: They were good people. I'm sure they didn't deserve this nightmare.

Francis: What are you doing, Helen?

(Helen pulls out a needle)

Helen: Taking a sample of zombie blood. While it's still fresh.

(Helen sticks the needle into one of the zombies, getting a sample of green zombie blood)

(Note: The zombie blood is green)

Helen: That should be enough.

Chris: Let's go. It's not safe here.

The group got onto a helicopter and it flew away. They watched as the area was flooded with zombies. A few hours later, the helicopter arrives in New Station Square.

New Station Square has changed over the ten years. It had a thirty foot wall made of steel and concrete, an electric fence, barbed wire, wooden and metal spikes, a moat, mine fields, machine gun turrets, rocket turrets, laser turrets, flame turrets, watch towers, searchlights, floodlights, and an electric barrier around the city.

Chris: Here it is, Mr. President. Welcome to New Station Square.

The helicopter arrives at Chris' mansion. Soon, they were inside the mansion and Chris led the group into the garage. He hits a button and an elevator appears. They went inside and it went down.

President: What's going on?

Francis: The zombie plague came back to haunt us. Just like what happened ten years ago.

Danny: Station Square fell to the undead back then. We won't lose it a second time.

Helen: We're having New Station Square fortified into a zombie-proof city. Hopefully, other survivors are getting the radio message we sent.

President: That's good. You've all certainly changed since ten years ago.

All: You don't know the half of it.

(The elevator stops)

Chris: We have arrived.

The door opens and they walk out. Underneath the mansion was an underground lab.

President: Wow. This is some lab.

Chris: My grandfather built it. Even before the fall of Station Square.

President: I'm impressed. Did he really build this?

Chris: Yes. He and Eggman have already constructed the defenses, the generators for the city, they also built a scanner to tell the difference of living and undead and even built factories that create advanced weapons, war machines, and robotic soldiers.

President: So, why did you bring me here?

Chris: We brought you here for safety. We need a lot of people if we're going to survive this nightmare.

President: What about G.U.N.?

Suddenly, they hear a radio message.

Radio: Help! The G.U.N. is being overrun by undead! Requesting evacuation!

(Chris runs to the radio)

Chris: We're on our way! Tell any soldiers who aren't infected to head for New Station Square!

Radio: Roger.

(Chris looks at the others)

Chris: Mr. President, stay here. Anyone else, come with me.

Chris, Danny, Helen and Francis returned to the helicopter and it flies off to the G.U.N. Base.

Francis: You think we'll make it to the G.U.N. Base in time?

Danny: I'm sure we will. Plus, I heard they were reprogramming the robots to fight the undead. Which is actually good news. We could use the extra firepower.

Helen: The sooner we reach G.U.N., the better.

Chris looks out the window, thinking about Sonic and his friends.

Chris: I wish Sonic was here.

The helicopter flies towards the G.U.N. Base. The group hoped at least some soldiers were still alive. However, what they didn't know is that there was something worse than the undead.
Sonic Post-Apocalyptic Future Chapter Three
Here's the third chapter of my series, "Sonic Post-apocalyptic Future". I'm also open to anyone who wants to do a comic or even sprite/flash animations of the series. Don't hesitate to ask me. Hope you all enjoy it.

Chapter 2:…

Chapter 4:…

All characters belong to their respective owners.
Hello, my fellow deviants. First of all, happy summer to all of you! Second, I have some bad news. I hate you tell you all this, but I'm going to be a little inactive for most of the summer. My folks and I have a lot of work and plans to do over the summer and I won't be making much time on DeviantArt for most of the summer. I'm not leaving DA, don't get me wrong. I'm just not going to make much time on it for a while until further notice. However, I will leave some requests, if anyone's interested in doing any. My requests are if anyone wants to draw the Sonic Heroes during a post-apocalyptic future and J.C. the Hybrid's family. I won't even mind if they're in sprite format or even Garry's Mod.  (J.C. the Hybrid is my OC. Plus, his family.) Here's some links to them.……

Another request I have is J.C. the Hybrid and his family doing a crossover/cosplay of the anime movie, "Summer Wars". Plus, two other requests of J.C. and Suki Dragon Ball Z style and Star Wars style. Fun fact: I was into DBZ since I was in the fourth or fifth grade and into Star Wars during middle school, I think. Here's the links, if anyone's interested.

(Star Wars Style)

J.C.: J.C. the Hybrid Star WarsJ.C. the Hybrid Star Wars style
Outfit: Black and red clone trooper armor with a gold cross on the chest. Brown Jedi robe with a yellow cross and angel wings on the back.
Weapons: Gold lightsaber and silver lightsaber. Also, a blaster with yellow markings on it.
Ship: Either red and black Jedi fighter or red and black X-wing.
Misc: Cybernetic arm, leg and eye.

Suki: Suki the Wolf Star WarsSuki the Wolf Star Wars style
Outfit: Blue and gray clone trooper armor with a white wolf on the chest. Brown Jedi robe with a gray cross and angel wings on the back.
Weapons: Black lightsaber and white lightsaber. Also, two blaster with white markings on them.
Ship: Either blue and gray Jedi fighter or blue and gray X-wing.
Misc: Cybernetic leg.

(Dragon Ball Z Style)

J.C.: J.C. the Hybrid Dragon Ball ZJ.C. the Hybrid Dragon Ball Z Style
Outfit #1
Blue and gray sneakers, blue jeans, red and black shirt, blue Capsule Corp. jacket with angel wings on the back, black fingerless gloves, blue scarf and red scouter.
Weapon: A sword with gold writing on it.
Outfit #2
Black and red Saiyan Armor, blue jumpsuit, black gloves and black and red boots. Also, a red scouter.
Misc: Cybernetic arm, leg and eye.

Suki: Suki the Wolf Dragon Ball ZSuki the Wolf Dragon Ball Z Style
Outfit #1
Gray shirt with a full moon and gray wolf on it, black Capsule Corp. jacket with white stars and moons on the back and sleeves, black and gray sneakers, black fingerless gloves, black scarf and blue scouter.
Weapons: A crossbow with black markings.
Outfit #2
Black and blue Saiyan Armor, gray jumpsuit, white gloves and black and gray boots. Also, a blue scouter.
Misc: Cybernetic leg.

I also have some thoughts about a post-apocalyptic version of the Pokémon series. I have some great ideas about the appearances and who knows, some of you could do a series of it, but that's another story.

Also, I'm still planning on working on more of my series, "An Angel's Origin" and "An Angel's Journey". I might even plan on doing a series of the Sonic Heroes during a post-apocalyptic future, but that's another story. If anyone's interested, you can do a comic version of my series. (That is, if anyone feels like it)

Also, I might be interested in anyone who wants to use them in sprites. Comic and flash animation. Sadly, I don't have any sprite sheets of them. I do have the sprite versions of them. Plus, I'm not good with commissions. Because of two things, One, I have issues with money. Don't even have a Paypal account. And two, I have 22 DA points which I'm saving for special occasions. Depends on what happens. Plus, I'm not much of a comic writer since elementary, I'm not much of an artist since Junior High and I've been having issues with flash animation since High School.

Anyway, hope you're all interested in my requests and be sure to look out for the rest of my series. Still open to anyone who wants to do a comic version of my series. And I hope you all have a great summer.
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