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Sonic Post-Apocalyptic Future Thanksgiving

It was Thanksgiving Day at New Station Square. The leaves were changing color and falling from the trees. There was even some snow. A lot of people were preparing Thanksgiving dinner while others are either playing or watching football or having fun with family and friends. Shadow was driving through town on his G.U.N. motorcycle when he stops at the mall. He activates his communicator.

Shadow: Hey, Rouge, it's Shadow. How's the turkey coming?

Rouge: Great, actually. Omega and I just put it in the oven. Silver and Blaze are getting the mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce ready as well.

Shadow: Okay. I just need to find some good movies for Thanksgiving.

Rouge: Okay. Oh, and look out for Sonic. He said he's getting something for the dinner with his family.

Shadow: Sure thing.

(Shadow parks his motorcycle and heads inside)

Shadow looks around and sees a lot of people gathering things for Thanksgiving. A lot of families were getting tons of food to cook their own Thanksgiving dinner. He then noticed Sonic looking at a map.

Sonic: It's got to be around here somewhere.

Shadow: Sonic?

(Sonic looks to see Shadow)

Sonic: Hey, Shadow! (Sonic waves) What brings you here?

Shadow: I just came here to get some movies. How about you?

Sonic: Looking for a store. I came here to get some gravy and there's a huge Thanksgiving feast with my family. Want to join us?

Shadow: I'll think about it. For now, I'll help you find the gravy.

The two hedgehogs arrived at a store. Sonic walked around the selves of food, searching for the gravy. Shadow walks over to an electronics section and orders some movies. Minutes later, they both leave the store.

Sonic: So, Shadow, you still interested in joining my friends and family for a huge Thanksgiving feast? They will be cranberries, potatoes, stuffing, pumpkin pie with whipped cream and all the turkey you can eat. You're welcome to come with me, if you want.

Shadow: No, thanks. I'd rather tie myself to a tree.

Suddenly, Shadow's communicator started beeping. It was from Rouge and he answers it.

Shadow: Hey, Rouge, what's up? How's the turkey coming along?

Rouge: About that... I have some bad news, Shadow. There was some trouble with the oven.

Shadow: What's wrong with it?

Rouge: Malfunctioned. Omega tried to fix it, then decided to use his flamethrower on the turkey and... long story short, the turkey's burned.

Shadow: You're kidding me.

Rouge: Wish I was. Omega is picking the burned skin off of it, though. I also got a call from Silver and Blaze, saying they just finished their turkey. Which was good news because they planned ahead in case something like this happened.

Shadow: Alright. That's good to hear.

Rouge: We're going to meet up with the Chaotix later and head on over to Cream and Vanilla's house. See you at the Thanksgiving party.

Shadow: See you soon.

Shadow hangs up and looks at Sonic.

Shadow: So, a huge feast, you say?

Later, Sonic and Shadow leaves the mall and walks towards Shadow's motorcycle.

Sonic: See you at Cream and Vanilla's place, Shadow.

Shadow: Yeah, see you there.

Shadow drives away and Sonic takes out his communicator.

Sonic: Hey, Tails. I got the gravy. How are things going with you?

Tails: Good. Silver and Blaze gave me the mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce. I'm bringing them to Cream and Vanilla's house right now.

Sonic: What about Amy and Knuckles?

Tails: Knuckles is gathering some footballs so the others could play later. As for Amy... I haven't heard from her. She said something about getting some spices for the roast.

Sonic: Okay. I'm on my way to Cream and Vanilla's house now. See you there.

Tails: Okay. See you soon.

A few hours came and went. Soon, all the Sonic Heroes arrived at Sonic's house. They were all carrying food for the Thanksgiving feast. Sonic looked to see that almost everyone was here. Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, Vanilla, Silver, Blaze, Marine, Cosmo, Shade, Tikal, the Chaotix, Omega, Rouge, Shadow, and the Freedom Fighters.

Sonic: Looks like everyone is here. (Sonic knocks on the door) This is going to be great!

Everyone was really excited about spending Thanksgiving together. The door beings to open and there stood Queen Aleena.

Aleena: Greetings, Sonic! So glad you and your friends could make it!

Sonic: Hey, Mom! Where's Sonia and Manic?

Aleena: They went out to get the turkeys for the Thanksgiving dinner. They'll be back soon. In the meantime, please, do come in.

Everyone went inside. All the food was set in with the kitchen or on the table. Everyone was either outside playing football or getting food.

Knuckles: Hey, Aleena. Where's the turkey?

Aleena: It'll be here soon.

Tails: Silver and Blaze, I thought you both said you were bringing the turkey.

Blaze: Yeah, we didn't have time to finish it.

Silver: Cream and Vanilla are finishing it for us. They said they'll bring it here shortly.

A couple of hours passed and everyone was at the table.

Shade: What's taking those hedgehogs so long?

Cosmo: I'm sure they're coming soon. They probably ran into some trouble or something along the way.

Shadow was getting annoyed. He then slams his hands on the table and stands up.

Shadow: Forget this! If there's no roast, I'm heading home!

(Shadow walks away)

Amy: It's okay, guys. We can still enjoy the rest of the Thanksgiving dinner.

Shadow was about to leave when he sees a news report on the T.V. and was surprised at what he saw.

Scarlet: This is Scarlet Garcia. If any family is watching this, we have some shocking news about the Thanksgiving turkeys. A mysterious green spice has turned all the turkeys into... zombie turkeys!

The cameraman shows a group of turkeys attacking New Station Square. People were either fortifying their homes or cooking the turkeys.

Scarlet: The only way to stop them is to burn them! Cook the turkeys in any way you can and they will return back to normal. It's the only way to return the turkeys back into their edible selves. Be careful and good luck! Scarlet Garcia signing off.

Shadow couldn't believe what he was seeing. He had to warn the others about what was going on. That's when Cream and Vanilla came in with the turkeys.

Vanilla: Boy, it sure was crazy outside.

Cream: No kidding. Well, at least we got the turkeys for the Thanksgiving dinner.

Shadow noticed Cream and Vanilla walking into the kitchen with the turkeys. He feared the turkeys might rise from the dead and attack.

Shadow: I have to warn them about the turkeys!

Amy was about to put the spice on one of the turkeys. Sonic was looking at the spice curiously.

Amy: Wait until you guys enjoy this spice I got for the roast.

Sonic: Say, Amy, how did you get the spice for the roast?

Amy: Well...

Earlier, Amy was walking by one of the stores when she sees that it was closed.

Amy: How do you like that... the store's closed. Now where am I going to get any spice?

Suddenly, a figure came out from behind the store. It was Metal Sonic.

Metal Sonic: Hello, Amy Rose. What seems to be the problem?

Amy: Oh, hey, Metal Sonic. I need some spice for the roast, but the store's closed for Thanksgiving.

Metal Sonic: Perhaps I can help you out.

(Metal Sonic takes out a container of spices)

Amy: Hey, thanks. Wait until the others get a load of this spice.

Metal Sonic: Enjoy and may you have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Amy: Thanks. You, too.

Amy leaves and looks at the container of spice. She noticed that it was glowing a little bit.

Amy: I wonder why the container is glowing. Oh, well. I'll have Vanilla and Aleena look at it later.

Back with Shadow, he runs into the kitchen.

Shadow: STOP! Guys, I got bad news!

Sonic: What's wrong, Shadow?

Shadow: I just saw a news report that New Station Square is being attacked by zombie turkeys. They said the only ay to stop them is to cook them, even use gravy on them. Come see for yourselves.

The group made their way to the living room, hearing the news report. However, in the kitchen, some of the spice was on one of the turkeys. It started glowing green. Suddenly, the turkey stands up and hops off the counter.

Back with the group, they were afraid about what they heard on the news. Zombie turkeys attacking New Station Square. They even heard that the cause was some sort of green spice.

Sonic: Hey, Amy, didn't you say Metal Sonic gave you some green spice that was glowing?

Amy: Yes. (Suddenly, it hits Amy) Oh, man.

Rouge: What's wrong?

Amy: The turkeys.

The group ran into the kitchen and watched as all the turkeys came to life.

Shadow: Sweet Chaos!

(Sonic quickly pulls out his sword)

Sonic: Take them down! Cook the turkeys and use the gravy to stop them!

Everyone began fighting the turkeys. The fight lasted for what seemed like minutes until all the turkeys were returned back to their delicious selves.

Tails: Is that all of them?

Amy: I think so.

Knuckles: What about the rest of the town?

Rouge: Shadow and I will call G.U.N. and let them know what's going on.

Sonic: Come on, we got to help the people of New Station Square save Thanksgiving.

Later, all the Sonic Heroes arrived in the streets of New Station Square. The whole city was in chaos.

Knuckles: That's a lot of turkeys.

Amy: What's the plan, Sonic?

Sonic: Tell the town what's going on and return the turkeys back to their original selves.

All the Sonic Heroes went their separate ways, telling everyone in the city. Countless friends, families robots and even G.U.N. gathered together. Some were armed with makeshift weapons that can either fire gravy or stuffing. Others have fire-based weapons. Later, all the people in the city joined together at Chris' mansion.

Sonic: Alright, listen up. The zombie turkeys will be here any minute. As soon as they arrive, get ready to attack.

Everyone looked to see that the turkeys were getting closer. They all prepared to attack.

Sonic: Stick together and we can save the city. Also, Thanksgiving as well.

All the turkeys were getting close to the mansion. Everyone was ready to charge.

Sonic: Attack!

Everyone charged at the zombie turkeys. The entire town began fighting the turkeys. People cooked the turkeys with the fire-based weapons while others used weapons that fired gravy or stuffing at the turkeys. Everyone fought the turkeys with everything they had. After a tough battle, all the turkeys returned back to their normal selves and everyone cheered.

Tails: We did it!

Amy: The zombie turkeys have been defeated.

Knuckles: All the turkeys returned back to normal.

Blaze: Are they still edible?

(Silver picks up one of the turkeys and takes a small bite)

Silver: Yep. Still good.

Rouge: What about that green spice Amy got for the roast? If that's the reason the turkeys became zombies, shouldn't we prevent that from happening?

Cream: I already told my mom and Queen Aleena about it. They said they reversed the effects of the green spice and it became red and brown spice. So, we won't have to worry about any zombie turkeys for a while and everyone can celebrate Thanksgiving.

Rouge: Okay, that's good news. But, Shadow and I will take the spice to G.U.N. so they can make sure that the same thing doesn't happen again.

Amy: Good idea. So, anyone still in the mood for the huge Thanksgiving feast after that epic fight?

Sonic: You bet. Keep a seat for me!

(Shadow looks at the turkeys)

Shadow: Hey, what do we do about Metal Sonic? What if he does the same thing to the turkeys?

Sally: Fear not, Shadow. We have just the solution for him. We will talk to him about the spice and he will prevent it from ever turning the turkeys into zombie turkeys ever again.

Everyone in town gathered the turkeys and went home to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Later that evening, everyone in New Station Square was celebrating their Thanksgiving dinners. As for the Sonic Heroes, they all joined together at Cream and Vanilla's house for the huge Thanksgiving feast.

Shadow: Hey, Sonic, do you want to pass the gravy?

Sonic: Sure thing, Shadow. Happy Thanksgiving, guys.

All: Happy Thanksgiving, Sonic the Hedgehog.

All the Sonic Heroes celebrated Thanksgiving together with the huge feast.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Sonic Post-Apocalyptic Future Thanksgiving
Here's a Halloween story of the Sonic Heroes during a post-apocalyptic future. Hope you all like it. Also, if anyone wants to do pics or a comic based on it, don't hesitate to ask. Also. here's a list of the post-apocalyptic version of the Sonic Heroes.…

I'm also working on a Christmas version as well.

Sonic Post-Apocalyptic Future Halloween:…

Sonic Post-Apocalyptic Future Christmas: Coming Soon.

No copyright intended.

Everything belongs to their respective owners.

Hello, my fellow deviants. I just watched this new show called, "Total Drama: The Ridonculous Race" and I must say, it's cool. It's about eighteen different teams who race around the world through twenty-six countries. Kind of reminds of "Amazing Race". But, that's another story. Anyway, I thought about doing a fan series of "The Ridonculous Race" Pokémon style. At first, I started thinking about a Sonic version with my OC's, along with your own would look like as the cast. Well, in the same situation. However, I lost interest in that idea. Originally, I had the idea for your OC's and mine as the cast from Pahkitew Island, but... well, long story short, I lost motivation for it. That, plus, writer's block, along with working on a few other series I was trying to catch up on and a new job.

Anyway, here's what I got for it. Ash Ketchum and Pikachu, along with all of Ash's friends are hosting a race around the world for one million dollars. The eighteen teams that are chosen for the race are Ash's Pokémon. You guys can even imagine them in an anthromorphic way, if you want. I even got an interesting title for it. "The Ashtounding Race". (See what I did there?) Here's what I got so far.

The Host: Don. (Ash and Pikachu. Along with Ash's friends)

Team #1

Carrie and Devin: Best Friends. (Noibat and Talonflame)

Team #2

Kelly and Taylor: Mother and Daughter. (Leavanny and Palpitoad)

Team #3

Emma and Kitty: Sisters. (Torterra and Infernape)

Team #4

Crimson and Ennui: Goths. (Boldore and Krookodile)

Team #5

Owen and Noah: Reality T.V. Pros. (Snorlax and Charizard)

Team #6

Mickey and Jay: Adversity Twins. (Bayleef and Quilava)

Team #7

Stephanie and Ryan: Daters. (Staraptor and Swellow)

Team #8

Josee and Jacque: Ice Dancers. (Snivy and Bulbasaur)

Team #9

Geoff and Brody: Surfer Dudes. (Squirtle and Totodile)

Team #10

Dwayne and Junior: Father and son. (Donphan and Scraggy)

Team #11

Sanders and MacArthur: Police Cadets. (Frogadier and Hawlucha)

Team #12

Lorenzo and Chet: Stepbrothers. (Corphish and Buizel)

Team #13

Tom and Jen: Fashion Bloggers. (Sceptile and Unfezant)

Team #14

Rock and Spud: Rockers. (Oshawott and Pignite)

Team #15

Laurie and Miles: Vegans. (Heracross and Noctowl)

Team #16

Ellody and Mary: Geniuses. (Torkoal and Glalie)

Team #17

Leonard and Tammy: Live Action Role-players or LARPers for short. (Gliscor and Gible)

Team #18

Gerry and Pete: Tennis Rivals. (Kingler and Muk)

(If anyone thinks I should have the Pokémon switch roles, which character they should be, send me your thoughts via comments, maybe note)

I'll update the journal if any of Ash's Pokémon evolve. Also, if anyone's interested, you can do a comic version of it.

26 Countries, 18 Teams, and One Big Giant Ridonculous Race!

(Or should I say... "Ashtounding". Boom!)

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