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Pokemon Star Wars Ash's Pokemon
Pokémon Star Wars Ash's Pokémon
Here's some ideas I got for Ash's Pokémon, Star Wars style. I know I did Pikachu, so here's what I got for the rest of Ash's Pokémon.
Ash's Pokémon #1 (Kanto)
Appearance: Orange scarf and a pair of red goggles.
Bio: Butterfree met Ash when he was a Caterpie. He met Ash when he was looking for Pokémon to join the Republic. He joined them, wondering what the Republic was like. As time passed, he evolved into Metapod and then later into Butterfree. Impressed with Butterfree's flying, Ash decided to make him the first member of Brave Bird Squadron. He became a great leader and lead Brave Bird Squadron to victory, no matter how tough the battle. But, after saving a group of Butterfree from a Team Rocket battalion, he fell in love with a female Butterfree. He retired from Brave Bird Squadron and gave the leadership to Pidgeotto. He left the Republic and started a family. Ash and Pikachu will never forget Butterfree and
:iconjoeycool1210:Joeycool1210 12 7
Barbara Cornelius
Barbara Cornelius
Looks: Brown eyes, light brown hair, tan skinned.
Typically wears: Green and yellow jacket, black and blue shirt, white fingerless gloves, blue jeans, black and red shoes and a Green Mega Ring.
Pokémon team: Male Mega Blaziken, Male Mega Venusaur, Male Mega Absol, Female Mega Pidgeot, Mega Metagross, Male Mega Aggron.
Barbara's other Pokémon: Male Mega Glalie, Male Mega Scizor, Male Mega Pinsir, Male Beartic, Female Leavanny, Female Noctowl, Female Serperior, Female Unfezant, Female Meowstic, Female Pyroar, Male Empoleon, Female Pachirisu, Male Trevenant, Male Carracosta, Female Meganium, Male Golduck, Male Emboar, Female Roserade, Male Gogoat, Shiny Male Sawk.
Husband: Johnathan Cornelius.
Son: J.C.
Bio: Barbara Cornelius is J.C.'s mother and a Pokémon professor. Like Johnathan, she studied Mega Evolution and worked on ways for humans and Pokémon to communicate with one another. She and her husband, Johnathan Cornelius invented a Pokémon tran
:iconjoeycool1210:Joeycool1210 4 0
Johnathan Cornelius
Johnathan Cornelius
Looks: Brown hair, blue eyes, tan skinned.
Typically wears: Blue and gray jacket, black and red shirt, blue fingerless gloves, blue jeans with a Poke Ball shaped belt buckle, blue and gray sneakers and a Blue Mega Ring.
Pokémon team: Male Mega Charizard Y, Male Mega Blastoise, Male Mega Steelix, Male Mega Gallade, Male Mega Swampert, Male Mega Areodactyl.
Johnathan's other Pokémon: Male Mega Heracross, Male Mega Beedrill, Male Mega Salamence, Male Talonflame, Male Infernape, Male Gigalith, Male Samurott, Male Unfezant, Male Meowstic, Male Pyroar, Male Crobat, Male Raichu, Male Flygon, Male Feraligatr, Male Tyrantrum, Male Ursaring, Male Torterra, Male Emolga, Golurk, Shiny Male Braviary.
Wife: Barbara Cornelius.
Son: J.C.
Bio: Johnathan Cornelius is J.C.'s father and a Pokémon professor. He studied Mega Evolution and has been working on ways for humans and Pokémon to communicate with one another. He and his wife, Barbara Cornelius invented a Pok&
:iconjoeycool1210:Joeycool1210 3 0
Age: 16
Looks: Black hair, brown eyes, white skinned.
Typically wears: Black and white jacket, gray shirt, black pants, white gloves, Pokeball necklace, White Mega Ring.
Personality: Adventurous, Caring.
Pokémon team: Male Dragonite, Female Mega Gyarados, Female Mega Gardevoir, Male Mega Lucario, Male Mega Houndoom, Male Pangoro.
Suki's other Pokémon: Female Snivy, Male Squirtle, Male Bulbasaur, Male Fearow, Male Sableye, Female Delphox, Male Toxicroak, Female Scolipede, Male Luxray, Male Weavile, Male Druddigon, Male Seviper, Male Murkrow, Female Gothitelle, Male Shiftry, Male Rhydon, Male Growlithe, Female Vulpix, Male Axew, Male Bisharp, Male Mega Abomasnow, Male Gliscor, Female Shiny Ariados.
Boyfriend: J.C.
Bio: Suki is J.C.'s girlfriend and a great trainer just like him. She was on a journey to become a great trainer when she practicing with her Pokémon, he met J.C. while he was training his own. Since then, Suki had a crush on J.C. and she wouldn't be surpris
:iconjoeycool1210:Joeycool1210 5 0
J.C. (Justin Cornelius)
J.C (Justin Cornelius)
Age: 17
Looks: Blue hair, blue eyes, tan skinned.
Typically wears: Black & red jacket, t-shirt, black & red fingerless gloves, blue jeans with Pokeball shaped belt buckle, Pokeball necklace, Red Mega Ring.
Personality: Adventurous, Caring.
Pokémon team: Male Mega Charizard X, Male Mega Tyranitar, Female Mega Sharpedo, Male Garchomp, Female Galvantula, Male Mega Sceptile.
J.C.'s other Pokémon: Male Oshawott, Male Pikachu, Male Charmander, Male Boldore, Male Scrafty, Male Noivern, Male Swellow, Female Staraptor, Male Krookodile, Male Torkoal, Male Zangoose, Male Buizel, Male Goodra, Male Typhlosion, Male Hawlucha, Male Zubat, Male Zoroark, Female Lapras, Male Chesnaught, Male Honedge, Male Mega Gengar, Male Scyther, Male Shiny Greninja.
Girlfriend: Suki.
Bio: Justin Cornelius. A young trainer who dreamed about becoming a great Pokémon master. His Mom and Dad were trainers as well. They worked on ways for humans and Pokémon to communicate. They e
:iconjoeycool1210:Joeycool1210 4 0
Black the Night Fury's Birthday
Black the Night Fury's Birthday
J.C. and Suki were walking towards Black's house. Today was his birthday and they wanted to surprise him by giving him a special gift.
J.C.: I can't believe today's Black's birthday.
Suki: Yeah, can't wait to show him the gifts we got for him.
They both walked towards the door and knocked on it. The door then opens and there stood Black the Night Fury.
Black: J.C. and Suki. Hey, you guys.
J.C.: Hey, Black. Happy birthday, my friend!
Black: I'm glad you both came. So, what did you get me for my birthday?
Suki: Well, we're glad you asked.
J.C. and Suki held out a box. Black takes it and starts to open it. When he looked inside, he noticed that inside the box was ten pairs of blue jeans and five packs of white briefs.
J.C.: Suki and I felt sorry for all the times your pants were destroyed and the countless wedgies you received. Mostly from Shadow, Dark and Snow. So, Suki and I called in a few favors and long story short, we got you some new pants and underw
:iconjoeycool1210:Joeycool1210 5 3
Pokemon Star Wars
Pokémon Star Wars
Hey, here's an idea that will blow your minds. It's Pokémon... wait for it. Star Wars style. Mind-blowing, right? I already got ideas for the characters. Not sure about a story series, though. Although, I'm open to anyone who's interested in doing a story series and maybe even pics based on the designs. Anyway, here's what I got.
Ash Ketchum
Appearance: Blue and black battle armor, gray Jedi robe, red and black gloves, red and black boots, a lightning bolt shaped scar over his right eye and a cybernetic right arm and black gauntlets made from cortosis. He also has either a red and black trooper helmet and a black and blue smuggler hat which was a gift from his father.
Weapons: black and dark blue dual light sabers.
Bio: Ash Ketchum. Born in Pallet Town. He dreamed about becoming a great Jedi. His mother, Delia Ketchum, was a member of the Jedi Council and because of her connections, her son was brought into the Jedi Academy. Ash practiced in the ways of the
:iconjoeycool1210:Joeycool1210 15 39
Suki the Wolf Dog Pokemon
Suki the Wolf Pokémon
Suki's Pokémon outfit: Black and white jacket, gray shirt, black pants, white gloves, black and white sneakers. She also has a Key Stone, some Mega Stones and a white Mega Ring.
Suki's Pokémon #1 (Kanto)
Charmander/Charmeleon/Charizard (Male) (Mega Charizard Y)
Moves: Flamethrower, Metal Claw, Fire Fang, Wing Attack.
Bulbasaur (Male)
Moves: Vine Whip, Razor Leaf, Solar Beam, Leech Seed.
Pikachu (Female)
Spearow/Fearow (Female)
Lapras (Female)
Dragonite (Male)
Moves: Dragon Claw, Ice Beam, Fire Blast, Fly.
Growlithe (Male)
Vulpix (Female)
Meowth/Persian (Male)
Rhyhorn/Rhydon (Male)
Suki's Pokémon #2 (Johto)
Chikorita/Bayleef (Female)
Scizor (Male)
Moves: X-Scissor, Metal Claw, Razor Wind, Night Slash.
Spinarak/Ariados (Female) (Shiny)
Moves: Spider Web, Cross Poison, Pin Missile, Psychic.
Pinsir (Male)
Moves: X-Scissor, Brick Break, Storm Throw, Thrash.  
Houndour/Houndoom (Male) (Mega Houndoom)
Moves: Fire Fang, Flamethrower, Inferno, Crun
:iconjoeycool1210:Joeycool1210 1 0
J.C. the Hybrid Pokemon
J.C. the Hybrid Pokémon
J.C.'s Pokémon outfit: Black and red jacket, blue and gray shirt, black and red fingerless gloves, blue jeans with a Poke Ball shaped belt buckle, blue and white sneakers, Poke Ball necklace. He also has a Key Stone, some Mega Stones and a red Mega Ring.
J.C.'s Pokémon #1 (Kanto)
Charmander/Charmeleon/Charizard (Male) (Mega Charizard X)
Moves: Flamethrower, Dragon Claw, Dragon Tail, Dragon Rage.
Squirtle (Male)
Moves: Water Gun, Hydro Pump, Rapid Spin, Water Pulse.
Pikachu (Male)
Zubat (Male)
Moves: Astonish, Wing Attack, Bite, Supersonic.
Pidgey/Pidgeotto (Female)
Onix (Male)
Moves: Rock Throw, Rock Tomb, Rage, Gyro Ball.
Snorlax (Male)
Gastly/Haunter/Gengar (Male)
Grimer/Muk (Male)
J.C.'s Pokémon #2 (Johto)
Cyndaquil/Quilava (Male)
Totodile (Male)
Yanma/Yanmega (Male)
Heracross (Male)
Moves: Megahorn, Brick Break, Aerial Ace, Pin Missile.
Teddiursa/Ursaring (Male)
Hoothoot/Noctowl (Female)
Larvitar/Pupitar/Tyranitar (Male
:iconjoeycool1210:Joeycool1210 2 3
The Ashtounding Race: Episode 5 Part 2
The Ashtounding Race Episode Five Part Two
Talonflame was struggling to get its foot out of one of the geysers and Noivern was helping until Talonflame's foot was finally able to pop out of the geyser. Meanwhile, the helicopter arrived in Skaftafell National Park and Torterra, Infernape, Heracross, Noctowl, Bulbasaur, Snivy, Greninja, Hawlucha, Boldore, Krookodile, Unfezant and Sceptile leave the helicopter, heading for the Pikachu Tip Box.
Ash: As most of the teams struggle to finish the geyser challenge alive, the top six teams have arrived in Skaftafell National Park where their next challenge awaits.
(Bulbasaur hits the Poke Ball button on the Pikachu Tip Box with Vine Whip and grabs the travel tip)
Bulbasaur: It's an "Either/Or". Feast or Fossil.
Iris and Axew were by a table and an ice cave.
Iris: In case anyone forgot what an "Either/Or" challenge is, it gives the teams the choice of completing one of two tasks. In this case, they either feast on a traditional Icelandic feast.
:iconjoeycool1210:Joeycool1210 2 0
The Ashtounding Race: Episode 5 Part 1
The Ashtounding Race Episode Five Part One
Ash and Pikachu: Last time on "The Ashtounding Race"...
Pikachu: Teams wrestled with Sharpedo. Some more than others.
Ash: Once they made castles in the sand, it was a boat race.
Pikachua: From the Mediterranean, to the coast of Iceland.
Ash: At first, it looked like last place belonged to Squirtle and Totodile.
Pikachu: But, it was Torkoal and Glalie who choked on their own plans and got themselves eliminated.
Ash: Who will be next?
Pikachu: There's zero chance of us choking.
Ash: Get ready to kick it, because it's time for...
Both: The Ashtounding Race.
(Theme music plays)
Ash and Pikachu were at the chill zone.
Ash: Welcome back to Iceland.
Pikachu: Yesterday's chill zone will be today's starting line.
(Ash and Pikachu shivers)
Ash: And chill is right. Pikachu's Poke ball is frozen solid.
(Ash held out a Poke Ball that was frozen in ice)
Pikachu: When they called this place, "Iceland", they weren't kidding.
Ash: Anyway, the first team to de
:iconjoeycool1210:Joeycool1210 2 0
Pokemon 20th Anniversary
Pokémon 20th Anniversary
Ash has returned to Pallet Town. With him was Serena and Pikachu.
Serena: So, Ash, this is Pallet Town?
Ash: Yep.
Serena: Looks beautiful.
Ash: You just wait until you see how many Pokémon I caught during my journey.
Ash and Serena arrive at Professor Oak's Lab.
Ash: Here it is. Professor Oak's Lab. My mom told me she was waiting for me here.
Serena: Can't wait to see everyone.
Ash opens the door and there was no sign of anyone.
Ash: Strange. Where is everyone?
Serena: Clemont and Bonnie said everyone would be here. Maybe they're outside?
Ash: Worth checking out. Pikachu, can you look out for any of our friends?
Pikachu: Sure thing, Ash.
(Pikachu walks off)
Serena: So, Ash, can you tell me about some of your Pokémon?
Ash: Sure.
Ash talks to Serena about all the Pokémon he caught during his journey. He explains to her about all the Pokémon he met, the battles they faced along the way and all the fun they had during their adventures. He a
:iconjoeycool1210:Joeycool1210 2 1
The Ashtounding Race: Episode 4 Part 2
The Ashtounding Race Episode Four Part Two
The teams from the second train were on the beach.
Swellow: Good luck, Staraptor. If that Sharpedo eats you, I will take it down for you.
Staraptor: Thanks, Swellow.
Buizel walks into the water.
Buizel: I'm not upset about this. I could use a good battle, anyway. Consider yourself lucky, Corphish.
Corphish: Show that Sharpedo what you're made of, Buizel.
The teams then look to see a cruise ship arrive and onboard were Sceptile and Unfezant.
Unfezant: Hi, everyone!
Sceptile: Hope you didn't miss us.
Unfezant:We stepped off the train, just to breathe in the fresh air.
Sceptile: Next thing we knew, we ran into Cynthia, the champion of the Sinnoh region.
Unfezant: We told her we where we were headed...
Sceptile: And she offered us a lift.
(End Interview)
Unfezant: Thanks for the lift, Cynthia.
Cynthia: No problem. Good luck in the race.
Suddenly, a Sharpedo jumps up and almost chomps Sceptile.
Sceptile: Whoa! (Sceptile jumps back) Hey,
:iconjoeycool1210:Joeycool1210 2 0
The Ashtounding Race: Episode 4 Part 1
The Ashtounding Race Episode Four Part One
Ash and Pikachu: Last time on "The Ashtounding Race"...
Ash: The teams travelled to Paris. Their wills were tested, their artistic limits were pushed, their bravery was challenged.
Pikachu: And Snorlax ate more cheese than scientifically possible.
Ash: In the end, Hawlucha and Greninja made it into first place.
Pikachu: But, as for Kingler and Muk, it was game, set and match. In other words, they were eliminated.
Ash: Who will be next? Well, they all got potential.
Pikachu: Stay tuned to find out. Because it's time for...
Both: The Ashtounding Race.
(Theme music plays)
Ash and Pikachu were at The Louvre.
Ash: Yesterday's chill zone was The Louvre, which is today's starting point.
Pikachu: Teams will start in the order they finished, which means Hawlucha and Greninja will be the first ones to go.
(Ash and Pikachu sees Bulbasaur and Snivy walking towards them)
Ash: Bulbasaur and Snivy? What brings you both here?
Pikachu: You came in second. So,
:iconjoeycool1210:Joeycool1210 2 0
The Ashtounding Race: Episode 3 Part 2
The Ashtounding Race Episode Three Part Two
Swellow and Staraptor were in the Catacombs, looking at all the skulls scattered around the area.
Swellow: Sure is creepy. I hate to imagine how many people were lost from the Plague.
Staraptor: I hear you. Braixen told me that if Ash got the Plague, Serena would get infected as well, so they can both pass away together at the same time, in the same way.
Swellow: Unfezant told me the same thing, but with Oshawott and Snivy. I think Unfezant is best friends with Snivy.
Staraptor: Like Bulbasaur and Squirtle?
(Swellow nods)
Staraptor: Wow. Love can be a beautiful thing, sometimes.
Meanwhile, Infernape was finishing up the drawing of Torterra while Palpitoad was drawing Leavanny. Sceptile and Unfezant arrived at the Eiffel Tower with bags.
Unfezant: I never shopped for so many outfits in my life.
Sceptile: Worth it, though. Getting that flat tire was the best thing that happened to us.
Unfezant: I mean, finding outfits like these isn
:iconjoeycool1210:Joeycool1210 2 0
The Ashtounding Race: Episode 3 Part 1
The Ashtounding Race Episode Three Part One
Ash and Pikachu: Last time on "The Ashtounding Race"...
Ash: Our teams gather spices and travelled through the Moroccan desert.
Pikachu: They had a hearty appetite and I lost mine.
Ash: The winners were Talonflame and Noivern.
Pikachu: And the first team to be sent home was Gliscor and Gible.
Ash: Who will be next?
Pikachu: Time to find out. This is...
Both: "The Ashtounding Race".
(Theme music plays)
Ash and Pikachu are at the chill zone.
Ash: Yesterday's chill zone is today's starting line. The teams will depart the same way they arrive.
Pikachu: Starting with Talonflame and Noivern.
(Noivern presses the Poke Ball shaped button on the Pikachu Tip Box and received the travel tip)
Talonflame: Looks like we're going to Paris.
Noivern: Wow! This should be fun.
Ash: That's right, Noivern and Talonflame. Paris, France. Home of the Eiffel Tower, the Mona Lisa and a lot of good French food.
Serena and Braixen were at the Eiffel Tower.
Serena: Once
:iconjoeycool1210:Joeycool1210 4 0


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Amy rose :iconsonicmiku:SonicMiku 7 0
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Hello, my friends. I don't have much to say, but I'll try to explain it as best as I can. 

You're probably wondering why I haven't submitted much of my stories. Well, it's a long story. I've been dealing with a lot of stress. A real lot. I've been having some issues with communication skills. Trust me, it's difficult. Also, my family is helping me find another job. I still work at the bowling alley doing janitorial work, but it's only for volunteer work and for bowling. I don't work there for money anymore. So, my family is helping me find a job at a store.

Another thing I want to talk about is some of the stress and anger I'm getting from my stepmother. All I wanted was to try to relax or be left alone and she wouldn't even do that. She yells, loses her temper a lot and don't even get me started on how many times she takes her stress and anger out on me. It hurts, like a lot. There are also times she doesn't listen to me and it's troublesome. My stepmother's anger is so bad, even "The Incredible Hulk" wouldn't talk to her, she yells so much even "The Nostalgia Critic" and "The Angry Video Game Nerd" would be afraid of her, and she never listens to me anymore, even though she says I don't as well. Sorry to guys had to hear that. I just needed to vent some stress and anger from the past weeks/months I've been going through.

Sorry for the lack of submissions lately. I had too much stuff getting in the way. I'm not even sure if I'll get around to working on more of my stories series, even ones I haven't started yet. In case any asks what they are, here's a list of names.

The Ashtounding Race: Coming along nicely, but I took some time off to get some motivation back. Hopefully, I'll continue to work on it again.

Sonic Post-Apocalyptic Future: This ideas was in my head for a long time, although I don't know when I'll work on it again.

Pokémon Post-Apocalyptic Future: This one's complicated. I already have ideas for the story and I've been thinking about redoing some of the character designs. One of the ideas I had was Ash and Pikachu having nightmares about all of Ash's Pokémon.

Pokémon Star Wars: I personally think this was a great idea. I could do a story series about it and I got some ideas for it, but... I don't know about when I'll get around to it.

J.C. the Hybrid An Angel's Origin: This was an origin story series I've been working on for my Sonic OC, J.C. the Hybrid. I kind of topped making time for it. However, I'm thinking about doing a remake of it. I already got a title planned, too. It's called, "J.C. the Hybrid's Origin".

Sonic Zombie World: I'm not going to lie about this one. It turned out great so far, but I'm kind of running out of ideas for it. Not sure how to end it, too. Kind of running out of motivation, but hopefully, I'll finish it soon.

Sorry if this is a lot to take in. I stopped making time for them since last year. I would also leave you guys a list of requests, something fun for you guys, but I don't know if anyone's interested. You can let me know if you want to because I got some good ones for all of you. That is, if you really want to do them.

I needed to vent and talk to some of you. I had a lot of stress and anger in me since last year. At least I have all of you to talk to. P.S. let me know if you want to do requests. They're mostly Pokémon or Sonic related, but I got some good ones.


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I'm a gamer. A big fan of Sonic the Hedgehog, Star Wars and Pokémon. I'm always friendly. I get along with everyone. I give helpful advice. I try the best I can.


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